Non-standart cards

We produce custom plastic cards and other custom plastic material. Ranging event tickets (rally cards, atendee cards, etc.), plastic shopping center watches, door signs and so on. We can produce various materials from PVC and/or synthetic paper.

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Available options:

Card surface:
•    Gloss
•    Matte
•    Diamond
•    Transparent

Available thickness:
•    0,8 mm
•    0,4 mm

Additional options and personalization:
•    Magnetic strip (HiCo / LoCo)
•    Numbering / personalization
•    Barcode
•    Embossing
•    Programing
•    Hologram
•    Scratch-off layer
•    Various security measures and solutions
•    Foiling
•    RFID

We specialize in the production of personalized plastic cards. We can offer you a distinctive style, superb quality and complex available options. We can produce various sizes and shape cards with very different additional features.

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